Executives Speak Out About Metropolitan Disaster Recovery Priorities


In an age of instant communications and a cornucopia of choices in communications equipment, services and service providers, people really don’t know which one they can depend on in life and death circumstances. At the same time, the portfolio service providers really don’t know which service(s) they ought to keep up and running especially during crisis circumstances.

The 2005 Hurricane Katrina disaster, showed that NOT thinking about these fundamentals leads to more suffering, distraction and death than necessary. That’s why the Federal Communications Commission chairman formed an Independent Panel to report (delivered June 2006) on these challenges and asked them to make recommendations.

As a complement to this fine work, Brockmann & Company conducted a study of the views of 343 executives involved in enterprise communications to understand their views and preferences in the context of cataclysmic disasters. This technically astute resource is interested in communications technologies and is familiar with the broad set of communications services which made them somewhat qualified to assess the relative balance of usefulness and effectiveness of various service options.

This report, entitled First Communications, speaks to the findings and presents recommendations on the relative priorities of various communications services. Clearly, voice is king, but mobile voice is ├╝ber-king.

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