Brockmann & Company uses organizational size as measured by number of employees as a variable for segmentation of user needs. Small businesses have more than 1 and as many as 100 employees.

Our hypothesis, as shown in these reports, is based on the lifecycle of business organizations. Every business starts as a small organization and as its products and services are perfected and sold to an ever-larger number of customers, it must grow in revenue, expenses and headcount. The small company communications services and technologies are not as expensive, feature-rich or sophisticated as required for typical MidMarket or Large Companies.

Small Business Reports:

  • Wikis in Small Business, 2010
  • Forums in Small Business, 2009
  • Blogs in Small Business, 2010
  • Quality of Voice Communications in Small Business, 2010
  • Perspectives on Conferencing in Small Companies, 2009
  • First Contact in Small Companies, 2009


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