The MidMarket is defined as those organizations with more than 101 and as many as 1000 employees.

It is our contention that the needs of this segment varies considerably from its larger and smaller competitors and peers and the various reports available for free download below, show this to be the case. That’s because of the natural life cycles of organizations. Of course all businesses start small as the founders perfect their products and services.¬†Then, as they grow in sales and market credibility, it becomes useful to add head count through the opening of branch offices, expansion of sales talent, or channel support organizations, product development teams and even manufacturing capacity.

Adding people means that the organization needs more and different technologies too. The MidMarket company needs professional IT support staff, organization-wide security policies and practices, advanced contact center services for the inside sales team and customer support departments, professional business intelligence applications, full financials and or an ERP. These are appropriately scaled differently than the equivalent service for a small organization of less than 100 employees.

A business of 10 employees in one office might only need two printers, while an organization with 10 offices needs at least 10 and maybe more printers depending on the composition of the staff in each of those offices. The 10-person organization would use a key system, while the 100 person organization needs an IP PBX. The 10-person organization may work very effectively with ISP-hosted email, but the 10-office organization is likely to need a messaging server, a WAN, a enterprise-wide remote access server for example, to assure a high degree of security, performance and better economics.

MidMarket Reports:


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