The Inter-Company Telepresence and Video Conferencing Exchange Review is the industry’s first comprehensive review of leading exchange service providers. The Exchange Review includes the discussion and analysis of over 30 service features and capabilities. We uniquely compare these features for each of the nine global service providers who participated in our surveys and interviews.

This Review is useful to video and telepresence managers, CIOs and product managers at video managed service providers and carriers. Managers and IT executives in user organizations can use our survey results and methods as a starting point for your own research into your company’s service needs and opportunities. Service providers will find it helpful to understand the state of the telepresence and video conferencing exchange market today and will use the Exchange Review as a platform for competitive analysis and will incorporate our research into their strategic service planning.

Inter-Company Telepresence and Video Conferencing Exchange Review Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • The Inter-Company Telepresence Context – 5
    • Typical Inter‐Company Visual Collaboration Problems
    • Typical Inter‐Company Operational Problems
  • Introducing The Telepresence and Video Conferencing Exchange – 8
    • Wholesale Exchange Services
    • Survey Results
  • AT&T Business Exchange – 11
  • BCS Global Video Exchange – 12
  • BT Conferencing Global Video Exchange- 14
  • Easynet Managed Virtual Meeting – 15
  • Glowpoint Telepresence interExchange Network – 17
  • MASERGY – 18
  • Telemerge- 19
  • Teliris B2B On-Demand Gateway – 20
  • Verizon Business Immersive Video Exchange (VIVE) – 21
  • Services Surveyed – 22
  • Exchange Market Summary – 25
  • Conclusion – 28
  • How To Get Reviewed- 29
  • Appendix A: The Inter-Company Telepresence Glossary – 30
  • Appendix B: Related Research – 35
    • Telepresence 2009
    • Video Communications 2.0
    • Tips for Improving the Users’ Experience
    • Cost Saving Strategies: Why Video Managed Services?
    • Why Video Communications is a Business Best Practice
    • The Perfect Storm: Why Video Conferencing Will Dominate Business
  • Human Productivity Lab: Howard S. Lichtman – 36
    • About the Human Productivity Lab – 36
    • HPL Consulting
    • HPL Publishing
    • HPL Sales Force Training
  • Brockmann & Company: Peter Brockmann – 38 
    • About Brockmann & Company
    • Customers Know Best

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