36% of firms lost business because an email did not arrive – often trapped by anti-spam software


MAY 1, 2007 – Northborough MA – Brockmann & Company, the communications research and consulting firm released their latest report entitled “The Problem with Email” providing insights for IT decision makers by analyzing the experiences of peers and competitors.

“The 475 respondents told us that although email is very important to business, it is not a very satisfying experience,” said Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company and author of the report. Users rated email 50% more important than mobile voice, 2 times more important than desktop voice and 10 times more important than faxmail. 68% of all emails originate outside the firm, and are often part of a commercial correspondence integrated with sales and service processes. Brockmann said, “Of the most frequent improvements requested – mobile email and better spam control – only better spam control improves both mobile and desktop email experiences.”

Despite the best efforts of the software industry, the report shows that business people still get an average of 11.2 spam messages in their inboxes every day. Brockmann said “The cure is often worse than the disease: 36% of respondents reported that their company had lost business as a result of an email not getting through.”Users don’t need more ‘false-positives’ either – the treatment of perfectly good email as spam – because it leads to lost business, frequent resend requests and delays in the business processes that depend on email.

The report introduces the Spam Index, a simple method to measure an organizations’ anti-spam performance allowing easy comparison to peers and competitors over time. “Making spam fighting an IT priority helps with employee productivity but our research shows that it also improves important business metrics like customer satisfaction and revenue. 4 times more Top Performers have very satisfied customers and revenue per employee over $500,000 than Poor Performers.”The report is available for free download for a limited time at http://www.brockmann.com.

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