… in making IP Telephony sound better.

Better than what? Legacy digital? Yes. Better than digital.

Legacy audio, at 8 kHz, has a limit established in the 1950s for the bandwidth-quality tradeoff as discussed in earlier blogs. Well, the networking industry has established significant investments that reduce the cost of bandwidth – optical networks, competition, and finally voice over IP technology that bypasses the Public Telephone Network all together.
Higher sampling rates do consume more transmission capacity, which doesn't cost more, and is now, relatively easily implemented across modern Wide Area Networks.

Today, all 3Com IP phones such as the 3102 Business phone, the 3103 Manager phone or the 3100 Basic phone support wide band sampling rates.

This enables higher quality audio transmissions between IP phones or client software within the same enterprise and between the same IP phones or client connected on the same IP Conferencing server, or IP Messaging server, for example.

Higher quality audio means what for folks?

  • Fewer misunderstandings.
  • Fewer retransmissions – what did you say?
  • More inclusive participation for the hearing challenged (something that more and more of the workforce has to deal with as we age).

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