Does communications quality matter?

“Yes it matters a lot!” is the resounding answer of the Brockmann & Company Quality Panel. Nearly 200 business users reported their experience and perceptions about their poor quality audio experiences in voice communications. The results are startling and perhaps even scandalous:

  • 85% of business users report that voice communications quality is very important to business success
  • 31% are very satisfied with the quality of their voice communications quality
  • 61% penalize suppliers’ brands when they experience communications defects
  • 45% of users experience at least one defect each month; 22% at least one defect every week
  • 37% of users would be willing to pay more per month for defect-free communications

As is our standard practice, we’ve developed an understanding of the best practices and separated the Top Performers (top 15.9% of user organizations) from the Poor Performers (bottom 15.9% of user organizations), using approximations of the average number of defects over a period of time.

Top Performers have fewest defects and measure voice quality most often.

Top Performers have higher business performance than Poor Performers such as 19% more revenue per employee, 4 times more customer satisfaction, 3 times more employee satisfaction.

Recommendations on how to become a Top Performer are included in the report.

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