brockmann_mobile-emailThe Mobility Policy Framework was first introduced in the report Mobilizing Email: Improving the Mobile Email Experience. The logic was pretty simple. Users are frustrated with integration problems, and not having the latest, coolest devices. IT departments are frustrated with being the 'Dr No' of the enterprise, only to be run over by their peers in sales and marketing.

So, given these seemingly intractable differences (IT wants to deliver on the control of the environment, while users want support for innovative new devices), why not rebalance the tradeoffs between users and IT departments, resetting the responsibilities to give each group their own accountabilities and decision areas?

Today, the IT department controls everything and pays for everything including devices. In this framework, users pay for some things out of their pockets, while the IT department pays for other things. The user must see their mobile charges which ought to be paid for by the company. This will reduce false charges and supress consumption (a little).




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