vid2_0Brainshark is a Software-as-a-Service company and product. Brainshark annotates a PowerPoint with an audio track, integrated polling questions, guestbook registration, email notification of which slides which user watched, background music and a host of other capabilities that makes Brainshark very practical for marketer and trainer use.

Think of it as a kind of pre-recorded webinar, a ‘You-Tube for business.’

About a year ago, in order to promote its capabilities, Brainshark created the Brainshark Content Network, where content owners publish their content and earn a small fee associated with each viewing (some are free, most have small fees associated with them). Brockmann & Company is a member and has published a couple of Brainsharks that reflect our research findings on video communications, web conferencing, surviving recessions and being green.

You can check out our catalog of Brainsharks here.

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