Some of our survey respondents gave their views on ‘What advice would you give a peer contemplating investment in video conferencing capabilities?’

For room systems go a for Telepresence solution.  Life-size people 1080i high definition with 2 people per 65" plasma screen and spatial sound.  It really gives the impression of being there. They are also simple to usein that normally set up with Outlook Calendar interface so that when you come into the room the other side is already lit up and ready to go.  On the Cisco system, which is by no means the best, you see you name on a phone screen.  Touch it and ping the screens come up.  It is awesome and blows away everyone who sees a demo.  I tried it on my teenage daughter on a take your kids to school day and she was amazed, especially surprising as she had never seen any of older system.  They are expensive, $200k plus per room, but are justified and people are buying.  Don't waste your time on desktop system until a Life-size talking head is possible.  

 network Design Director, Service Provider, UK

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