Unlicensed Mobile Access is an industry-wide methodology for handoffs and accounting between GSM and networks (local or personal) composed of unlicensed spectrum like WiFi and bluetooth.

The UMA is a consortium of companies representing the wireless industry infrastructure including:

  • wireline providers like BT,
  • wireless operators like O2, Rogers Wireless and T-Mobile US,
  • equipment manufacturers like Alcatel, Nortel, Siemens, and,
  • handset manufacturers like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Motorola.

Some of the challenges this group has/is developing specifications for, includes:
– handoff between licensed-unlicensed networks
– identity in licensed-unlicensed environments
– security services consistent with GSM operator expectations

Formed originally in January 2004, the group delivered its first specifications nine months later in September, and have continued to improve the technology scope since then, to complement user demand and consumer expectation.

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