Brockmann & Company Telepresence Consultants

End user organizations engage telepresence consultants to help their organization generate higher productivity and lower costs through the application of systematic processes and proprietary knowledge.

Brockmann & Company are skilled as telepresence consultants among enterprises and government organizations. Typical projects involve determining client requirements by mapping meeting flows, anticipating new application requirements, advising on the formation of a telepresence strategic plan, development of the client business case for telepresence, consultant on the formation of the Telepresence Steering Committee, structuring and operating a culture-changing program that reduces business travel quickly and initiatives to overcome user and executive angst and attitudes about advanced telepresence technologies.

Our advantage as a consultant for telepresence comes from our insights as a user, our training as a group problem solver (Quality Circles Facilitator), our education and training as an engineer and our experience as a market researcher. We have written extensively about our findings around users’ views on what classes of business trips are more valuable to substitute, and about the link to higher business performance and about strategies to measure operating performance.

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