The TANDBERG Telepresence Server is the first telepresence multi-point conferencing platform that can:bring multiple telepresence suites into a single meeting with clever and appropriate switching optionsbring HD and telepresence users and rooms togetherbring SD, HD and telepresence users and rooms together deliver multiple telepresence, SD and HD users to remote users in an intelligent way.

TANDBERG delivers this functionality through a new blade for the MSE 8000 chassis that can support up to 16 screens per blade and with 9 slots enables the conferencing of as many as 144 screens, regardless of their technology (SD, HD or telepresence). The blade enables as much as 6 Mbps per screen, AES for privacy support and transcoding where the higher quality endpoints send and receive the highest quality transmissions they can handle or negotiate.

This is because of a fundamental shift in MCU architectures.

Instead of having one codec at the MCU perform all the stream binding processing blending all the input streams and then transmitting a return signal for all the endpoints in the meeting, advanced MCUs like the Codian MSE 8000 series, allocate processing resources very differently.

They perform no binding. Instead, they treat each incoming stream as a unique process creating a unique delivering it as a separate stream to each of the other endpoint screens. Any stream coordination occurs as appropriate with a process supervisor as required. This is the breakthrough that the telepresence market has been waiting for. High quality cameras can deliver high quality image streams to high quality presentation platforms while lesser quality cameras deliver their lesser quality image streams, but receive the highest quality images their inbound codec can handle.

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