usbHDcameraTANDBERG announced support of their USB web camera with 720p at 30 frames per second with Microsoft OCS release 2, in this convenient, portable and elegant design. The cables and the camera sit behind the laptop monitor and hook on the lip. The handy hinge allows the camera to fold away simply so that users can pack a camera up. Folding the camera into a small package is something that the Apple camera (I bought a couple back in 2002 or so before a video camera was built into the top of the MacBook (Pro) laptop screen) didn’t do a solid job of.

720p at 30 frames per second is very high quality, especially from a web camera.

It is not surprising that TANDBERG would work to integrate the desktop video camera with other instant messaging services in use in enterprise markets like Microsoft OCS is how users will gain access to real-time state directories, a critical element in make it a click and see experience. Since most laptops are on the enterprise DHCP IP addressing scheme and the user needs to be able to quickly connect to others through some sort of dynamic directory that operates in the background, resolving IP addresses and authenticating users. Users of Skype or AIM know how to click on the video state icon to let the software automatically engage a video communications session. TANDBERG is demonstrating this kind of integration and flexibility for Microsoft OCS organizations.

You watch. Next up, Sametime.

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