My 16-year old son set a new benchmark in SMS.

… well maybe not for the industry, but for our family. He sent, in one month, 450 messages.

That doesn’t sound like a lot, only one message every 100 minutes or so during the month. But it was a $22.50 surprise on our monthly family wireless bill. So, I put him on an SMS program (2 weeks no mobile phone) and 400 messages for a monthly $4 bill. Then 5¢ per message after that.

I got my first SMS from a Swedish friend during a company conference in London UK last October. He wanted to know if I was available for a meeting, and SMS was so much faster to check on basics like that. I needed coaching to make it work properly, but it was a lot easier on a new phone. I lost my Sony•Ericsson somewhere in central Texas (between Allen and Austin) and replaced it with a Motorola flip that works better with my bluetooth headset.

Even still, I only send a few each week. Maybe with a new job, that pace will pickup?

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