Normal 0 0 1 302 1724 14 3 2117 11.1287 0 0 0   It is not a speeding bullet, and it is not a plane, it’s a podcast. Streaming fast on any subject, whenever possible, and whenever wanted, podcasts have become the cool new technological tool for journalists on the web.“It’s like Radio, but anytime you want it, it’s not just something you have to catch at that very moment. Podcasts allow for easy consumption of info at lightening speeds,” said Logan Utsman, Radio Director for Utsman explained further that podcasts were like talk radio, where you can talk about subjects and provide information, but at the same time no music to interrupt things, or traffic and weather, just straight info.

Podcasts did not appear to the mainstream audiences until 2004, when Apple Inc. allowed for easy downloads via iTunes 4.9. This enabled users to easily download and then upload podcasts to any device that they pleased and effectively began the rush for podcasts.

Former WUTK Radio host, and current Podcaster for, Tyler Howell said of the adjustments he made between radio and podcasts, “I think it’s just much more relaxing environment in podcasting, where as in radio it’s much more formal. In podcasting you can be much more creative.”

Howell said of the differences between radio and podcasting, “in radio you pretty much have the format laid out for you, it’s much more based on music than the show itself.” Howell added, “Where as in podcasts you can go for what you are interested in, for me it’s sports, without the music butting in.”

Utsman made a point that podcasts have mobility on their side against radio, “Podcasts can be downloaded onto iPods and can be heard on the go anywhere not just your car. Where as radio you can hear in your car and on your computer, but you cannot bring radio with you on a run outside, or on an airplane.”

According to Podcaster Michael Slaton, podcasting has easy creation abilities through Garage Band, (an Apple Mac application for audio and music recording) which means that nearly anyone can make a podcast. These programs don’t just allow journalists to expand their abilities but allow for everyday folks too.

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