While Americans of both political stripes are glad the campaign is over – mostly because the annoying urgent email messages – please give now! – no, really, please give more now! and so on – are a thing of the past (until the mid-term election season of 2010) it seems that Obama's speech is now the source of spam.

Trend Micro reports that clicking on emails inviting the download of President-elect Obama's acceptance speech are infected with viruses and other malware, as if the speech wasn't enough.

This was the first US election where more of the rest of the world were Internet users than Americans, so they could easily participate in many interesting ways. Illegally via contributions on barackobama.com [say it ain't so, but given Obama's sloppy address/name inspections since they had an accept and reject later if anybody's watching process on credit card donations, highly likely], or via various blogging or news sites with cool interactive maps. One I saw on the Economist was overwhelmingly for Obama outside the US. I suppose most folks outside the US don't understand how it could have been such a close vote. Socialism doesn't come easy to Americans. Most folks do believe in hard work that pays rich dividends, a la American Dream.

In fact, in the Wall Street Journal this morning, an op-ed piece by Scott Rasmussen (of Rasmussen Reports, made famous on FOXNEWs, the Official network of the 2008 Election) [sub. required] explained that 31% of people believed Baracks assertion that he was going to cut their taxes. While only 11% understood McCain's anti-tax message which was too confusing, too late.

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