Too much fun, too many things to give thanks for, traditions, football, new tools and a brainstorm.

Interesting weekend.

Lots of tradition and family time. Football – Algonquin High School beat Westborough High School for the first time in five years. This local high school contest has been played for 53 consecutive years. It was a ‘snow bowl!’ and hugely entertaining game. Dallas Cowboys lost to Denver Broncos. College football and more college football. I found it refreshing to also spend time editing the company website. Great fun learning a new tool to manage the site effectively.

So, my brainstorm is write about the evolution of Fixed•Mobile Convergence. The history, the components and the future. Where will this lead? What are the drivers to this great opportunity? I want to leverage the thoughts that I had already gathered for other recent meetings:

  • Regulatory irrelevancy – businesses always have unlicensed spectrum to exploit
  • Handset intelligence – getting smaller, faster, smarter, with better screens and longer battery life
  • Consumer expectations – cell service has conditioned us to be willing to accept trade offs – low prices and low quality. Mobility and low quality. Advanced features and low quality.

Watch this space for outputs…

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