confinStarting September 4, 2007, Brockmann & Company will be introducing a new report class – the industry report. This new class of report will join our lineup of Benchmark and Spotlight reports for distribution on Tuesdays.

In the format of short and concise analysis of subgroups of our survey respondents, these reports are useful tools to users and marketers contemplating their implementations. Often based on the views of more than 50 respondents and in some cases on the experiences of over 100 users, these short reports will cover common ground for each domain they cover.

For example, the respondents to our conferencing study will be highlighted in the report family – Conferencing In The [INDUSTRY] Industry. Similarly, the respondents to our email studies will be highlighted in the report family – Email In The [INDUSTRY] Industry. Based on available respondent data, Brockmann & Company expects to deliver industry reports on these industries in particular:

  • Finance, Banking, Legal, Insurance and Real Estate industries
  • Telecom, Wireless, VoIP, Internet Service Provider industries 
  • Software, Business Process Outsourcing and IT Services industries
  • Computer, Network and Telecom Equipment industries
  • Education sector
  • Medical Devices, Dental, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Public sector

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