Surprise, mobile TV users only catch snippets (2-3 minutes) of mobile TV at one time.

Orange, the mobile subsidiary of France Telecom has 300,000 users of a 3G mobile video service throughout France, according to the Wall Street Journal. Users only 'snack' on TV, usually watching only 2-3 minutes of TV at a time. Then, Orange did a trial with DVB-H (Direct Video Broadcast – Handheld) technology which offers better resolution and discovered that people watched more. Namely 5 x more. 16 minutes versus 2-3.

Better quality – longer watching. And, the broadcast service behaves more like broadcast TV – millions of users see the same program at the same time, while 3G services are designed for play-on-demand.

Article here (subscription required).

Do you think this is a broadcast vs on-demand issue? or a high quality picture vs low quality picture?

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