Mobile VoIP took another giant leap this week.

I spent a few days with the folks at Microsoft where I talked and listened to their plans for VoIP on the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform and learned about their priorities: who they saw as the biggest competitive threats, the practice of building a mobility operating system and the framework for the future, [a roadmap], and an opportunity to engage with my peers in the ISV community.

SIPquest is a member of the Microsoft Partners Advisory Council, a small group of ISVs, software distributors and systems integrators engaged in focusing on the fundamentals of the Microsoft Windows Mobile eco-system. The council is run by Margie Gradwohl who works in the Mobile and Embedded Devices division. It was interesting to see Microsoft's roadmap, and discuss broad challenges in the ecosystem. We even got a chance to showcase our offerings to Microsoft employees and partners at the Summit.

Great event, and thanks to those for thinking about including me and my employer in the program.

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