Why bother measuring Customer Satisfaction?

A simple principle of Management 101 is that if you put the bright light of management attention onto a topic or an issue, you can easily, over time, make it grow or shrink. This is proven by the Hawthorne Effect, the well-known case of merely observing a production line made workers more productive than they otherwise had been. Although, not all problems can be solved by mere observation. However, the observation leads good people to recognizing the relationships between the causes and the effects and then they begin to understand, and then implement the changes necessary to correct the problem or grow the metric they need to grow.

This principle is intuitively obvious as empirical measurement forms the fact-based reality about the state of the challenge, about the state of customer satisfaction. Is it high? low? Better than expected?

Once you measure it, then you can track it and relate the metric over time.

But there’s more to customer insights than merely measuring customer satisfaction over time.


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