Deborah Gage, in Baseline , writes a solid story about how the FBI and the US Attorney's office in Seattle WA tracked down Larry Soloway (27), monitored his company's actions and finally shut the door on his enterprise. Soloway stands accused of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and identity theft. He is not free on bail while awaiting trial.

Despite successful law suits by Microsoft in 2004, by the state of Oklahoma in 2005 both of which won multi-million dollar judgments and permanently enjoined against spamming by the federal court (which he allegedly ignored), Soloway continued to brag on blogs that he was untouchable. 

Critical evidence came from the victims. One ISP noticed spam coming from an unregistered domain, so it bought the domain, captured the bounced email, confirmed that 99% of the links in the source spam linked to Soloway's sites, and counted the volume of messages: 5,000/day were bounces. 

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