IT Expo is more than an Internet Telephony show. It’s eclectic infrastructure and user application platform at the end of the summer in Los Angeles is a great way to see what’s next in our industry.

While at the show, I met up with Anatoli Levine, the Director of Product Management, Americas for the Technology division of the Israeli video infrastructure company – RADVISION. The technology division is a little known software unit that builds and sells IMS, SIP, video communications stacks and other middleware to others for embedding into their products such as leading telecom equipment manufacturers and endpoint vendors.

Anatoli reminded me that RADVISION, in release 7 of the SCOPIA line of desktops and clients, introduced the Scalable Video Codec which extends H.264 to enable multiple layers of transmissions on top of a base layer in a way that greatly enhances the resolution, frame rate and quality of image, without significantly impacting bandwidth or interoperability.

Here’s the Flash demo I found on their site:

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