Yes TV is on, but is anybody watching?

Neilsen confirms what most users already knew: TV is background visuals noise for many folks.

In a report published in Brandweek, October 31, 2005, the Internet is now the #1 favorite pastime, and more than 200 million cell phone users spend more time surfing the web, emailing or instant messaging than watching TV.

Consumers spent 23.6 hours online, 21.6 hours on TV, and 15.1 hours listening to music to this survey of 3000 cell phone users 13-54 years old.

This is hugely consistent with my experience. I turn on the TV, select a Law and Order episode and then load up laptop to do blogging, do ppt for work or whatever, and from time to time, I’ll look up and watch. I think lots of folks do this. (My kids do.)

Interactive entertainment beats passive – every time.

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