In 1992 Guillermo Brockmann, a Mexican entrepreneur created a foundation in his mother’s name and endowed it with $1.5 million.

When he was nine years old his father, grandfather and only uncle all died leaving his mother a young widow in dire financial straits. Despite early widowhood and multiple hardships she was able to educate her four children abroad and subsequently watch them become successful. In Guillermo’s case she was able to get a scholarship that permitted him to study civil engineering at MIT in 1929. Inspired by this, Mr. Brockmann decided to further the higher education of other talented Mexicans, and by example encourage philanthropy in this vital field.

Briefly, the Foundation’s objectives are:

  • To promote high-level education by annually granting scholarships to young Mexicans,
  • To foster the development of Mexican citizens by providing them with opportunities to live in other countries and cultures
  • To continue and grow in perpetuity as an institution free of conflicts of favor and interest.

Registered as tax-exempt in Mexico, Canada and the US the foundation grants have greatly exceed the original endowment through a program of prudent investment, government public-private programs and other private gifts. 260 scholarships have been awarded to date, many have been invited to the PhD programs at their universities and none have not completed the Masters degree. The foundation has supported Mexican Masters graduates from 93 of the top institutions in Canada, USA and Europe including my own alma mater – the University of Western Ontario.

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