googlemobileWill Google Participate or Not?

Google likes to posture that they may or may not participate in the 700 MHz auctions. There is no doubt in my mind about whether they will participate or not. I am certain that Google will participate in the 700 MHz auctions later this fall 2007 because the expectation of Wall Street built into the Google stock price means it has to make big, risky bets to grow and attempt to meet/exceed those expectations. Otherwise, its astronomical valuation will quickly fade.

A press release by Google on November 30, 2007 confirmed that they intend to participate. 

Posturing is to keep the competition and the regulator off-balance. The one community wants to keep Google out, the other wants to get them and the competition in.

Google suggests that they may try a new different model – lifetime user fee or advertising-paid. Regardless, an open mobile environment, where users can pick and choose their applications and their content providers. Open promises to be an industry-changing event, just as its own invention of search advertising has transformed the advertising industry.

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