Pete Fields, the senior director of ecommerce at Wachovia spoke about the goals for the bank's implementation of collaborative and social computing software. The goal: engage Generation Y. To a large extent, the future success of the bank will depend on the quality and quantity of talent available to support the business.

Fields made much of the aging of the US workforce and explained how the bank hopes to use a 5% tax on business travel to fund these new services: chat, persistent chat, blogging, rich profiles, team sites and one-to-one video. [[Microsoft Sharepoint]] is a major strategic platform. 


According to Simon Revell, Pfizerpedia is the centerpiece of Pfizer's strategy for improving collaboration across the company. The strategy includes using RSS, blogs and PC-recorded audio and video podcasts. According to Information Week (I stepped outside the meeting room to answer the phone) Pfizer users have posted over 10,000 articles.

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