We frequently review leading devices used in mobile UC. Our interest is not to become another mobile gadget reviewer site, but instead to consider mobile devices in terms of their suitability for mobile UC. Do they have the necessary horsepower, flexibility and features that enterprise users demand and that the mobile UC buyer community needs?

Typically, these features include:

  • Push email – is there an easy-to-install and use interconnection with Microsoft Exchange servers and IBM Lotus Notes servers, the two most popular email engines for business use? Is it a secure push capability similar to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)?
  • Software development environment – is there a third party development environment that allows for developer control of the dialer, the user interface and full control of the WiFi (if supported) and cellular radio?
  • Security features – is there a mechanism to backup data on the device? Wipe it clean or reset to default if the device is lost or stolen? Does it support a VPN over http?
  • Multi-threading OS – does the OS support the ability for applications to run in the background only to come to the foreground when signalled by the user or the network?
  • Is there a QWERTY keyboard – soft or hardwired keyboards are a preference, but should be more than simply the standard 12-key number pad?

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