Convergence promises to be a trillion dollar industry within five years.

According to a recent report by Deloite promoted on the VoIP Users's site, called "Digital Convergence: The Trillion Dollar Challenge" the industry, led by VoIP will grow to a trillion dollar by 2010. Major revenue platforms will be IP services and equipment including MP3 players, video phones, enterprise collaboration software, games and online music.

Key drivers – digital data, widespread connectivity and advances in technology from battery life to processor speed.

As fantastic as this might sound, it really is all about the incredible innovation and transformation at the heart of the communications industry. The entire communications industry is today about $1 trillion, in carrier services, network devices and networking equipment. Will that go away?

No, it gets transformed. Instead of purchases of PBXs, the market for IP PBXs, PBXs, hosted softswitch services and even IP phones, WiFi phones, Dual Mode (WiFi and Cellular) phones and many other product categories earn the customer's investment and deserve to be included. The market continues to innovate. The market continues to fragment.

Consumers play an ever-larger part of the industry transformation choosing which services, and which combinations of features are valuable to them and therefore worthy of ownership.

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