IP telephony increases the flexibility of real-time audio communications.

Flexibility, in the  context of applications and applications integration, means ability to modify and adjust telephony operations. Can you make it work better with the application or workflow that it is to add value to?

IP phones and soft phones, particularly those products relying on SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, should be easily activated with a software command imbedded in another application, such as a browser, a thick client and the like.

This functionality is useful as companies try to imbed call control operations directly into enterprise applications such as SAP or Siebel. These applications direct business workflows. In order to make the workflow more relevant and more useful, particularly to the casual or advanced user, the systems integrator will look to imbed call control details for instant help functions, or to validate contradictory data.

The use of standards such as SIP is fundamental to making such functionality useful and easily implemented across many applications, or as a configurable option. The standard IP-PBXes in the market, Cisco Call Manager, 3Com NBX and others are not in a position to address this functionality. Each of these products have proprietary call control signaling based on H.323. However, 3Com VCX is a fully SIP-compliant platform and is ideal for this kind of application.

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