Carly, the former CEO of HP, spoke at the Internet Telephony show this morning here in Los Angeles.

Body: Carly spoke about how every physical analog process will be transformed into:

  • digital
  • mobile
  • virtual
  • personal

and the communications industry is no exception. Think of photography, music and even entertainment. It's there. It's real.

Ok, so she spoke about what she'd do differently at HP: would do the merger (HP & Compaq) again. Had over-estimated some people, under-estimated others. She posited that her departure was over a dispute was about who's responsible for running the company – board, or management?

Carly started her career at AT&T, Lucent then went to HP. It's not clear where she's looking now, (some were hoping she'd get Zafirovski's position @ Nortel which was in a legal standstill) or even if she's looking, but good luck to her in her comeback. This is proof that people are stronger than their jobs; I'm sure she'll be in telecom next.

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