So, Brockmann & Company is not writing market research reports at the moment and we’re not taking analyst calls or writing that much about technologies. In fact, our last approach to the business of writing research was the inaugural report on Consumer Video Communications, published in 2010. Sadly, it was not economical to continue the subscription model, and the service has since been discontinued.

The financial crisis and recession that followed caused some firms to declare chapter 11 (Nortel did in January 2009). Other firms simply ceased operation (two of our other clients did that). Many companies layoffed off their employees while others cut descretionary investment in programs including ceasing initiatives to market to new customers. For most firms, it was decided to focus on the existing customers which are generally the cheapest segment of the market to reach and market to. This shift in practice also means that they didn’t need or weren’t interested in purchasing market research services as part of a business model to educate new prospects and potential customers.

We spent 2009, 2010 and most of 2011 attempting to ride out the storm with a minimum of research staff (me), but the drain on our financial resources were too much and I ceased the hope of reviving our research program and began actively looking for work.

In October 2011, I found it. I have been employed by Apple as a Genius where my knowledge and appreciation for Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod technologies has been applied to help others more effectively utilize their consumer electronics to improve their lives. I like the work and the company a lot.

Apple has strict policies on employees talking or writing about Apple products and services and as hard as that might be for any fan to accept, I have made the commitment to honor the rules.

In the coming weeks and months, I expect to focus this business and blog into topics and areas NOT in conflict with these commitments.

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