How important is email to you?

In a recent study by Brockmann & Company, email was rated the most important communications service for business. More important than mobile voice. More important than desktop voice. More important than instant messaging.

Do you think it would it be appropriate to find "that virtually all spam messages were blocked with minimal false positives?" Virtually all is not the same as all. Minimal must be more than one. That's what I saw in a press release earlier today from a filter company. There has to be a better way.

save-the-mail Sendio uses challenge-response technology to leverage the spammer's weakness against them. Today, the Irvine California company announced a new "I.C.E. Box service update".

This release enables four major features:

  • Outbound message management – so first time addressees of email who reply to messages don't get challenged and are automatically loaded into the approved sender list. This greatly reduces the slight discomfort a first time reply-er ever might experience with their first challenge.
  • Attachment handling so that corporate policies around attachment size, number of addressees for example can be enforced on email management
  • Upgrade of the anti-virus engine with the popular Kaspersky Labs program
  • A zero-hour service that maintains the shortest possible interval between discovery of an exploit and the automatic protection against it

The company is building a vision of Email Integrity, starting with great anti-spam protection for users and their customers & suppliers, now with great anti-virus, and the zero-hour service to assure maximum protection. The new service update is in field trial now, and should be shipping before the end of the first half of 2007.

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