Users in the Computer, Network and Telecommunications equipment markets are unsatisfied with their email experience

Northborough, MA November 27, 2007 – Brockmann and Company released its latest customer insight report on the role of email in the computer, network and telecommunications equipment markets. The report, entitled "Email in Equipment markets" is available for a limited time for free download on

Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company said, "Email is a very important communications application (87%) for organizational success in the computer, network and telecom equipment industries. Email is also identified as very important in the job performance of 89% of respondents from these industries. Yet, only 20% of users are very satisfied with their email experience. Improving mobility and spam-control in this market is recommended as the most desirable improvement."

"This market receives 5% fewer email than others. "Although more emails originated from automated business processes,users received fewer unsolicited emails from vendors and fewer spam messages," added Brockmann. 

This report is the latest in a series of Messaging reports on the practices and insights within various industry groupings.

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