ml-mobileucMobile communications are everywhere, but not always unified. Ever since the original mobile phone call in 1973 by Martin Cooper, the productivity and speed of business has accelerated. Today there are four billion mobile users, and many of those are business users. It is a truly liberating method for reaching the information and the people you need, when you need it. For most enterprise users, it’s just that simple.

Over the past 36 years however, business has gotten lots more complicated. Tightening compliance requirements in financial services, and privacy concerns for health care professionals give rise to specific demands preventing the mobilization of these workers. This Market Landscape reviews some of these demands and provides an overview of the solutions from 11 vendors including: Agito Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Ascendent Systems, Avaya, Cisco, DiVitas, NEC, Nortel, OnRelay, Siemens and Tango Networks.

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