No kidding.

The business user has been the premium market for mobile services since the invention of the technology in the early 1970s (First cellular phone call was by Motorola to AT&T Labs in 1973), and as the smartphone market takes on a new level of maturity where mere functionality isn't as important as the user experience, it should come as no surprise that the iPhone is gaining share in the business market.

The study by ChangeWave shows that Palm and Rim are both giving share to Apple.

Superior experience wins, despite the support challenges. But, as expressed in our mobile experience research, users should be allowed to purchase their favorite mobile device, their favorite PC and get paid by their employers for that usage. The support from the Apple Retail outlet or their help desk is probably better equipped to handle the most frequent problems than the IT help desk which is where users are calling today.

Shake it up! Power to the user!

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