Wall Street Journal makes a big deal about call recording, call centers and outsourcing.

Today, the WSJ published an article by Alex Ortolani, who writes about the market growth of call recording companies in the Asia Pacific area. Frost & Sullivan, he says predicts that call recording products (most often used in call centers for training and quality purposes) are expected to double to $104 million over a five year period ending in 2008.

Monitoring is important for 'quality assurance and for guidance on how to improve customer support and to trouble-shoot issues as they come up,' said an AOL spokesperson which has 1000 employees in a call center in Bangalore India and another 800 or so using email and chat services for support.

Calls are recorded for playback to the agent, locating the error, and asking them what went right and what could have been done to deliver a better service. More sophisticated software analyzes the use of words such as 'I don't know', or counts the frequency of times a customer asked for a keyword from an advertisement.

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