Today, April 19, 2013 was such an unusual day. The city of Boston was shut down as the state police (and police from New Hampshire and Conneticut and New York, I believe) and national guard conducted a house-by-house search all night/day long throughout Watertown neighborhoods in search of the infamous ‘Suspect #2’ of the Patriot’s Day, Boston Marathon Bombing.

My son David was pretty much locked in his apartment in Alston MA, while my other son Paul drove to a job interview with an engineering consulting firm in Salem MA (40 miles north and east of the lockdown area). The Natick Collection Apple Store was closed for the day, so no work there for me. Anne had to go to work since Logan airport was still in operation. Heightened security, but still operating and therefore lots of passengers would need rides home or to their hotels and appointments.

I spent the day watching TV, where every gust of wind blew the reporter’s hair out of whack and every passing SWAT vehicle elicited a long out-loud query about what conjecture and heresay about what had happened, and mindless discussion of the same platoon of tactical officers parading in, and then out of an apartment building. I also worked hard on building up the Saint Rose of Lima website. Yikes, there is plenty of work to do.

Finally, after the stay-in-home order had been lifted for a million people, it wasn’t long before the police found the suspect and ended the threat in a hail of bullets that I think the suspect fired. The boat might have been a good hiding place, but there’s no food and no facilities there. Most uncomfortable for the suspect.

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