sangoma-logoAfter winding down from my trip to Los Angeles and IT Expo the other week, I had a telephone briefing with Serge Forest, the VP Marketing at Sangoma, the publicly-traded Canadian card designer and card manufacturer because our calendars couldn’t align at the event. I’ve been watching Sangoma for some time as they are a major partner of a friend of mine serving the Caribbean and Latin American markets as an open source distributor, and I met the CEO, David Mandelstam, at IT Expo East.

Sangoma has built its business around high quality building blocks for open source IP PBX integrations, offering cards for voice processing applications. Today, the company also delivers advanced predictive dialer cards for leading contact center software vendors and Microsoft ResponsePoint systems. The portfolio includes PCI cards for digital, analog and IP voice applications, but also includes DSL, frame relay and X.25 interface cards.

At IT Expo, the company announced the NetBorder Express Gateway SIP-TDM gateway card lineup which includes software to quickly enable PCI-based gateway functionality in systems built by OEM partners such as CudaTel, a newly formed subsidiary of Barracuda Networks, which announced their new product and relationship with Sangoma on Thursday. Using FreeSwitch, (an open source IP PBX), standard server packages that Barracuda knows full well how to source, the Sangoma NetBorder Express Gateway cards and a reasonable portfolio of IP and digital phones, CudaTel hopes to quickly address the growing small medium business market for next generation telephony products.

The new NetBorder Express Gateway cards are available in a variety of packages including 4, 8, 12 ports of Analog FXO and from 1 to 8 ports of T1 or E1. Integrators and OEMs can choose PCI with Autosense Compatibility for 5 V and 3.3 V busses or PCIe Interface with single lane bus. The cards also come standard with leading echo cancellation and DTMF recognition features.

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