As discussed elsewhere in this blog, Google has launched a contest to develop (quickly) applications for their new mobile device operating system. Here are my ideas on what developers could and should develop. Of course, the ranking and value of any of these applications depends on the markets that Google intends to address.

For example, focusing on enterprise mobile users will enable a certain class of services and applications oriented around communications and business systems, while focusing on teenagers enables another class of services and applications oriented around gaming, entertainment and social networking.  

  • Solitaire is mandatory.
  • Tetrus. I even have Tetrus for my video iPod.
  • Networked electronic ping pong.
  • instant messaging integrated with enterprise IM systems such as SameTime and Microsoft Communicator – this is very important to enterprise mobile users who need and value IMing with coworkers not mobile-bound
  • The most important feature (in recent mobile user studies) is access to the enterprise directory, which may be imbedded in the PBX or IP PBX user database
  • One of the goals of Android is to enable mobile advertising. This idea is to deliver the value of the advertising time and place. That way users will always know the value of the moment and location. It would be great to make a game of it. Find the most valued moment and place in America and win $1 million?
  • Buddies nearby such as being in the same cell tower.
  • Use triangulation to estimate location of user. Click a button to send (SMS or IM) location coordinates to someone else.
  • Notepad. The most useful feature of my Palm was the ability to keep track of things to do. This application should play a trumpet blast (or other tune) whenever something is completed.
  • Daytimer of course.

Easy integration with enterprise voice mail systems.

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